6 Ways Accessories Can Transform Your Outfit

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No matter how stylish and well-tailored your threads, a little glimmer, shine and sparkle will dazzle even more. There’s no better way to add to your outfit than with accessories. From a stunning Cartier watch to a shoestring necklace, there are an infinite number of ways to accessorize an outfit and express your style.

Fashion rules aren’t set in stone, but there are guidelines about what items work together and when to wear certain accessories. Explore these six ways your accessory choice can transform your outfit from bland to banging.

1. Make a Bold Statement with a Luxury Watch

The type of watch you wear can bring your outfit from the workplace to the jet-setters’ lounge in a flash. A Rolex watch for women is the ultimate in elegance and gives an air of classic reliability in the boardroom.

Men have plenty of watches to choose from as well. From scuba diving to dress watches, taking your style on the go has never been easier. Opt for a beautiful Patek Philippe watch for subtle, masculine appeal or a classic Rolex DayDate for just the right luxury appeal.

When choosing a timepiece, consider the aesthetic and the materials of your other accessories. If you have an athleisure outfit planned, choose a watch with a high-performance strap or tachymetric scale. If you’re heading out for a night on the town, dial up the glam by pairing a diamond-encrusted watch with a pair of diamond drop earrings or a tennis necklace.

2. Put a Ring on

Both men and women can accessorize with rings. A plain wedding ring is often the only ring they think about wearing for most men. However, even this time-tested accessory is getting an upgrade. From wooden wedding bands to beautifully hammered rings that combine different metals, men and women have various styles to choose from when picking their wedding rings.

You can also spice up old accessories in a new way by layering your rings. Wear multiple pieces on the same hand or one finger for a visually interesting look. Adding a new ring or two to your existing collection can create an attention-grabbing statement and elevate your style.

3. It’s in the Bag

Since people have carried around stuff, they’ve needed something to keep it in. Enter the handbag. Through necessity and design, the handbag, also called a clutch, tote or purse, has become one of the most widely used accessories in fashion. Available in various styles, colors, materials and sizes, you can choose an accessory to match any style or occasion.


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4. Add Texture with Layered Necklaces

Since prehistoric times, people have used threads decorated with shells, precious metals and glittering gems to show their personal style. Nowadays, necklace layering, or stacking, can be found everywhere — from social media influencers to the hottest new artists in music and film. This is a look that seems easy to try out but can often end up looking a bit overdone.

Finding pieces that look good together is a matter of experimenting and personal taste, but there are a few general guidelines to make this fun accessorizing trick easier:

  • Charms add character: A small charm or pendant that peeks out below or above another strand adds a nice attention piece.
  • Start with two: If you’re new to layering your necklaces, start with just two and gradually add more pieces of varying lengths.
  • Textures and different metals mix well with this trick: Choosing a silver chain, leather thong with a pendant and a gold necklace is spot on with this trend. Just make sure you’re not adding too much at a time. Remember to add character, not weight!

5. Mix and Match Fabrics and Textures

Give the illusion of movement and vibrancy by adding varying textures to your outfit with strategically placed accessories. You can add texture through different tactile fabrics like a silk scarf or wide-brim felt hat or add visual texture with patterns.

Choosing a delicate silky scarf and pairing it with a no-frills business suit gives a confident but approachable feel that may be too uptight without this flowing accessory. On the other hand, you can take a simple pair of jeans out to the nightclub with a stylish satin tank and pumps.

6. Choose a Statement Piece

Whether it’s a pendant you put on every day, a pair of earrings your mom gave you for prom or an engraved watch you never forget to wear, having an accessory unique to you can give you a presence that those around you remember and admire.

Choosing a signature that you can wear with almost everything may sound overwhelming, but there are a few ways to do it.

● Use a theme

Your signature piece doesn’t have to be just one piece; instead, you can use a theme for your signature accessory. For example, wear a different type of green hat, a variation of silver and copper stacked necklaces or two different socks every Friday.

● Be practical

If you have to have a briefcase for work every day, don’t fight it – flaunt it! Maybe your signature accessory should be a gorgeous work bag with all the gadgets, bells and whistles to get your fashion on board with your work image.

Find where your fashion passions lie. Can you spot a Rolex from 400 yards? Have you followed someone to find out what shoes they’re wearing or missed a text checking out pendants on sale? If so, try experimenting with that particular accessory and see where your tastes lead your fashion sense.


Source: Victoria Chudinova/ Shutterstock

Be Yourself and Have Fun Accessorizing

The most important thing to remember when accessorizing the perfect outfit is to be yourself and have fun with it. Trying new styles and accessories is a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Find your own personal flair by taking a look around your accessories and asking yourself what they all have in common.

You can flaunt your individuality when you use accessories. So many things are one-size-fits-all in today’s world, and cookie-cutter solutions are all too common. The way you accessorize can make you stand out as a unique person to those around you. Accessorizing also gives you a self-esteem and confidence boost.

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