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“I had dull, dry and glowless skin. I used to feel low-self esteem because of it and was using countless skincare products switching from one to another without any change. Gradually I learned to adapt many skincare practices which ultimately showed their effects. I switched my dependence from chemical based skin care products only to building good habits, eating right food and other physical activities. I promised to be disciplined and saw everything changed within 3-4 months.” – Maria, a working professional and a mother of two.

There are numerous such stories we encounter several times a day for our clients when we build our well known ecommerce quiz for product recommendation for them and get a chance to know about their customers, i.e. the end user of beauty products. The customers often claim that they have used several beauty products and failed to get the promised glow until they have also added good eating habits and workouts. Without this combination, the craving for natural looking glow cannot be achieved.

Here are 12 tips which will help you get that glowing skin that you have always wanted:

#1 Stop eating junk food: You need to have control over the junk you push in your body if you wish for a good skin. Eat healthy and avoid fried or deep fried food items. Avoid cheese and everything else that is going to take a lot of time to digest and take a toll over your skin. Countless studies have proved that skin is affected by the fat and refined carbohydrates in your diet which leads to acne, black heads, dryness and all the scary problems.

#2. Stop using all kinds of soap on your face: There are several natural ways to cleanse your facial skin when you come back from outside. There are several brands as well who sell soaps only for face. Use them. But best is if you use a homemade mask.

#3. Avoid skin lightening products as much as you can: These beauty products can lighten or whiten the skin to give you instant glow. While some products do not contain harmful chemicals and are good for the skin, most have dangerously harmful chemicals. Companies use these chemicals in their products to quickly lighten and whiten the skin. But after a few usage, you will start to notice a dullness in your skin.

#4. Drink plenty of water: This is the biggest struggle of almost everyone who is yet to receive their best glow on skin. Obviously they are tired of hearing it. However, water is vital for healthy skin. It is recommended that you drink at least 4-5 litres of water per day. To ensure that you are meeting this requirement, set reminders throughout your day. Use smart watches to get reminders. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Try your best to stay hydrated if you wish for a glowing skin.

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#5. Smoking is injurious for glowing skin: Yes it is. No matter what people or advertisements say, smoking will make you age faster. Quit smoking if you want a natural glow. I would go to an extent to say quit passive smoking also for the sake of glow.

#6. Use product based on your skin type: You should be very conscious about the kind of products you are going to use for your skin type. And there is no such thing as universal skin care product for all skin types. Try to find your skin tone, your skin undertone, problems your skin may have before using anything over your skin. This little guide will help you in that:

  • For Oily skins: use salicylic acid cleanser to wash once per day if you wish to use chemical based products, or use honey and lemon cleanser packs to wash once per day.
  • For dry skin: use fragrance free gentle cleansers
  • For sensitive skin: use ultra gentle, hydrating cleansers that are sulphate-free.
  • For normal skin: use an exfoliator once or twice a week.

#7. Buy products based on the pH of your skin: The mismatch between pH of your skin and the products will also affect the glow on your skin. You need to be very mindful of the pH levels of the products you are using. There are many factors that affect the pH level of your skin such as sweat, cosmetics, pollutants residing in your skin etc. You can buy a pH kit to keep in a check on the pH of your skin and use products accordingly.

#8. Do you work out? For your skin to glow and look young, it is important to keep yourself fit. Overdoing workout or keeping those love handles both will not help in glowing your skin. You need to keep up with the daily needed fitness requirements of your body. This in return will make your skin healthy, young and glowing.

No face washes, no moisturisers, absolutely nothing is going to give you naturally glowing skin unless you are keeping a check on your fitness, food and what you apply on your face. This is the big secret to get naturally glowing skin.

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Avinash is Content Marketer at Tangent AI, the only Zero Part Data platform for the beauty industry. We help beauty businesses acquire shoppers and engage them with personalised CRM and product recommendations.

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