5 Hair Color Trends for 2021

5 Hair Color Trends for 2021

After 2020 saw months of DIY hairstyling throughout quarantine, many people are anxious to get back to the salon to have a professional stylist take over once again. At the same time, with limited salon appointment availability in many areas, low-maintenance color is taking center stage. If you’re considering a new trend for hair color Westchester County NY, here are a few ideas to try.

Glossy Black

Jet black is in. It’s not just a monochromatic look though, with plenty of variety ranging on the spectrum from warm to cool tones. Glossy black can be achieved in the salon with an acidic, sheer brunette toner to get just the right shine. At home maintenance is pretty low-key, calling for use of a green-based hair mask and shampoo to keep the colors balanced.

Vibrant Reds

True red (as opposed to copper red or auburn) is making a statement this year. Although this crimson hue was in vogue last year after Lady Gaga sported the color in “A Star is Born”, this more vibrant shade has surfaced after being featured on Anya Taylor-Joy’s locks in “The Queen’s Gambit.” This color can usually be achieved in one salon session, requiring touch-ups every four to six weeks.

Reverse Highlights

Dramatic, chunky lowlights and highlights are still in. A throwback from the 90s, this high-contrast look has been transformed into something more subtle and natural, with a few carefully placed bits of color to add dimension, without being extreme. A bold look is certainly possible here, but for a more chill vibe, choose highlight and lowlight shades close to your base color.

Soft Pastels

Fanciful, bright colors worked in a pastel shade are a great way to break up the monotony of a strange year. Though only temporary, they’ll still last a few weeks when done well. Because they’ll eventually fade on their own, they’re a great low-effort (and low-commitment) way to try a new trend without the endless upkeep.

Sandy Blond

5 Hair Color Trends for 2021

Beachy, warm and cool colors play together gorgeously in this color trend. Ash and gold tones intermingle for a soft, subtle glow that lasts, while still being very low-maintenance. This laidback look feels carefree and put together all at once.

2021’s hair color trends blend fun and low-fuss into do-able styles that require little maintenance. With people recovering from a bad home style or just finally getting back into the swing of regular hair care, 2021 promises to be a busy year at the salon.

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