Benefits of Wearing a Bra

Benefits of Wearing a Bra

While there’s surely a reason for all the memes about getting home from work and immediately taking your bra off, many people don’t realize all the varying reasons women may want to wear bras. Some reasons are cosmetic, but others are actually health-oriented. Here are four benefits of wearing a bra that you may want to consider.


Bras aren’t just for supporting larger breasts — people often wonder why women who wear smaller bras would bother to wear them at all. One reason is to stay covered — since many women prefer not to have their nipples visible in public, bras are a great way to accommodate this preference. Wearing a bra can also help keep you covered in situations where your shirt for whatever reason isn’t keeping you as concealed as you may like.

Nursing bras are specially designed to keep women covered when they want to be, while still allowing for easy access for breast-feeding.

Back Support 

It is not uncommon for women with larger breasts to experience back pain, which is a very common reason for women to get a mammoplasty. Wearing a properly-fitted bra will provide support, which can help with various aches and pains related to the weight of breasts.

It’s important that bras do fit properly, because an ill fit can exacerbate issues or even cause new pains.


While this is not the most important reason, it may be the most obvious benefit to wearing a bra — regardless of chest size, various bra styles can be used to provide different appearances. Push-up bras are designed to provide more lift and cleavage. Sports bras are designed to minimize breast movement, and typically provide a look where breasts are less prominent.

Some women prefer the look they get from an underwire bra, while others prefer non-padded bras, which help maintain the natural shape of their chests. You can even find cupless bras if you want a little lift but not much else.

Many women have a few different bra styles in their wardrobe so they can have a different appearance depending on the events they’re attending.

Benefits of Wearing a Bra


Again, removing your bra after a long day can feel liberating, but the right bra can provide a sense of empowerment and confidence. Having a favorite bra — one that you love the look and feel of — can make an evening out that much better, and no, that doesn’t only apply to romantic situations. The last thing that should be interfering with a good time is a bra that you don’t feel confident or comfortable in.

Love them or hate them, bra usage is widespread for a reason. No, you don’t have to wear a bra — many women choose not to — but you may feel better about wearing one if you know it’s not just for the sake of social norms. Since bras come in many different styles, you can find one that fits best for your body, your style and your personal preferences. Proper fit is important if you want to reap the full benefits of your bras.

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