Flat Iron Buying Guide – If You Have To Keep Things Straight

Flat Iron

Styling our hair and using flat irons can damage our precious locks if you not follow proper steps.

Here are some helpful flat irons buying guides:

Right shape consideration

Hair versatility can be affected by different hair tools. Transitioning our flat iron into a curling iron is more comfortable if we choose the iron with a slightly rounded plate and edges. You see not all flat irons are flat!

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Plate Width consideration

If you are a frequent traveler, consider slightly small plates so it would fit snuggly in the bag. The wider the plates, the more comfortable and faster it is to straighten the hair and provide beauty look. It can accommodate more hair. However, for women with fine hair to choose this type of plate, it must be used with extra caution as too much heat can damage fine hair strands in the long run.

Right plate material consideration

Flat irons have different plates made from metals and other substances. Titanium plated flat iron are for very curly and coarse hair. This plate can heat up quickly; thus temperatures become even rapidly. Titanium plate is pricey than other flat iron

Ceramic irons also offer even heat for most hair types. Be wise and cautious of the product you will buy because some are just ceramic-coated. It tends to wear down faster than the pure ceramic plated hair irons and eventually will not work any longer.

Also called ionic plates, tourmaline plates are made entirely for already damaged hair as they produce more negative than positive ions. Negative ions can reduce frizz and seal the hair shafts.

Temperature setting consideration

High heat means more effective and faster hair straightening- for curly and coarse hair. If you have fine hair, it is not advisable. The great news is that there are many flat irons that offer adjustable heat settings. Invest in this type. No matter your hair type is, it will work just fine.

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Price and quality consideration

Quality always wins over the price of almost all items for it lasts longer than cheap ones. Low-cost hair straighteners tend to be broken quickly. No need to shell out extra cash if you spend on the best flat irons for your hair type.

A quality hair straightener flat iron can straighten our crowning glory quickly with no damage, no snagging, no overheating, no burning incident and no uneven textures.

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