How to Accessorise Your Outfit with Earrings?


Earrings are one of the most creative ways to spice up your look and assert your style. A well-chosen pair of earrings draw the eye of anyone you speak to, whether that’s a pair of small stud earrings or some statement hoops.

But earrings are also such a diverse member of the jewellery family. And with so many categories and designs, exactly how do you go about accessorising them?

This is where our guide on how to accessorise your outfit with earrings comes in. We’ve even sourced some of our favourite best designer jewellery brands to further inspire you. All ears? Let’s begin!

Stud Earrings, Drop Earrings or Hoops?

First, of all, let’s consider the three main categories of earrings; studs, drop earrings, and hoops. Among these, you have many different sub-categories. This is what the best designer jewellerybrands have to say about how to style the different types of earrings.

Style Tips for Stud Earrings

Utterly versatile and devastatingly elegant, there is a pair of stud earrings for everyone.

  • If you are planning on wearing a statement necklace then studs are the perfect final touch to maintain some balance in your look.
  • A pair of small stud earrings with your birthstone is a staple of your jewellery box.
  • If you have a physical job where those dangly green onyx earrings aren’t safe to wear, some simple studs will also give your outfit a touch of style.
  • Stud earrings with a precious jewel can be reserved for special occasions such as weddings, formal dinners or gala events.
  • If you wear more flamboyant studs or have multiple piercings, you might want to leave your neck bare. This means that your studs get all the attention!
  • Use stud earrings to rock a minimalist look. You can pop in a pair of small stud earrings and then you’re set for whatever the day throws at you.

Style Tips for Drop Earrings

Drop earrings come in a variety of different styles. You can choose small wire hook pieces that hang just a centimetre or two below the lobe. On the other hand, teardrop and chandeliers are wider and more ornamental.

  • Despite the old taboo, drop earrings are not just for best! The trick is ensuring that you choose a style that flatters the occasion. Depending on how flashy they are will help you determine whether they are best saved for a formal event.
  • For a unique occasion such as a wedding, you want to strike the balance. If your outfit is on the dressier side, choose slender drop earrings that hang just beneath the lobe. However, if you decide on a more pared-back ensemble and no other jewellery, you can make more of a splash.
  • Choose for drop earrings that hang no lower than your jawbone during the day. This way, you aren’t overdoing your work wardrobe or casual attire.
  • For a night out, you can feel empowered to go bolder. Choose a chunkier teardrop shape encrusted with jewels or even a pair of head-turning chandelier earrings.
  • Choose coloured jewels to inject a pop of colour to a sombre outfit. A pair of green onyx earrings will light up a black or neutral ensemble.
  • Consider your face shape when accessorising with drop earrings.
  • Finally, when you do decide to go big with your earrings – they will make more of a statement when you pull your hair back into an up-do.

Style Tips for Hoop Earrings

As with drop earrings, there are numerous different styles of hoop earrings on the market. These may either wrap snugly around your lobes or form great big loops almost touching your shoulder blades.

  • Larger, maxi hoop earrings look best with evening outfits or casual wear.
  • Smaller hoop earrings that are plain or embellished with gems are appropriate for work.
  • Wear large, thick gold earrings to create a bohemian look.
  • Create a contemporary look with some large, thin-banded hoop earrings worn with a slick of red lipstick.

Can you Mix Silver and Gold Earrings?

You might wonder if you can mix up your favourite gold earrings with a silver pair. In fact, you can! When you do mix and match your metals, just ensure that the pieces are balanced.

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