How to Wear a Harness Bra: Recommendations from Experts?


What can highlight the femininity, attractiveness, and originality of a woman? Nice underwear, of course. With today’s fashions, it’s easy to do this. Graceful weaves of elastic bands that emphasize the natural curves of the body are the real trend of the season. Satin, leather, and silk harness lingerie sets are the most relevant and fashionable today.

If you want to buy an original and luxurious set of harness lingerie, visit the site There is a full selection of quality body accessories that girls really like. And in this article, we will tell you in more detail how to wear such leather lingerie.

Tips for Wearing a Harness Lingerie

The harness corset with a choker and garters is usually made of a soft elastic material, which does not cause discomfort in contact with the skin. It can be made in a wide variety of colors, but the most common color is black. This accessory can be a great addition to a dress or top with a deep neckline or an open back.

Classic Restrained Image

The harness leather lingerie will complement a more classic restrained image. It can be worn with a classic shirt, sweater, leaving only the upper part to look out. Such images will not be frank, but rather restrained, but at the same time, they will add mystery to your look.

Strict Dress Code

A thin graceful women’s harness bra can add a twist to the strict dress code “white top-black bottom”, consisting of high-rise trousers or a pencil skirt. This look is suitable for a strict party. In this case, it is very important to have all the buttons of the blouse or shirt buttoned up.

Elegant Female Image

The harness bra is best combined with a dress. The contrasting combination of leather belts and traditionally feminine dress strikes a balance between elegance and personality. In such a case, it is recommended to choose simple dresses without an accented neckline.

An excellent combination is a long evening dress with an open back and a harness bra worn over it. Wearing a harness bra over a one-colored sundress that leaves open arms, shoulders, and back, is also appropriate.

Women should pay attention that sometimes underwear sets are decorated with elements of a harness, which is sewn to the bra. There is no way to remove such a decorative element, which is not very convenient. It is much better to be able to put on a harness with any set and take it off if desired. On the site, you can buy such a unique MarieMur accessory and complement your favorite lingerie set.

It should also be noted that the harness may not only be on the chest. There also are different marie models that allow you to decorate your legs. The most original is the decoration of a leg with a mur garter.

Thus, buy quality womens’ leather lingerie and complement your personal image. Give preference to reliable platforms such as the website and then the success of the purchase will be guaranteed.

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