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Japanese characters and animations have been very welcomed across the globe. Of course, they’re even very popular in Japan, and numerous associated goods have been produced. Japan Wanted is a website from where you can order stuff from Japan, including a variety of characters and figures anywhere in the world. Amabie, Oni, and Kappa are the most popular characters that are very much popular in Japan.

  • Kappa

It is one of the most popular Yokai in Japan. The complete body of this character is green in color and carries something like a turtle shell on its back and has got a round plate on the top of its head. This plate is always filled with water, and if the plate dries up or breaks, Kappa will lose its power or die. It is said that when children are playing near a river, they’ll come out and wrestle with those children.

  • Oni

You can buy good from Japan like Oni, which is a popular imaginary create that often come into view as a villain in Japanese folktales. It is normally portrayed as a large man with horns on its head, fags in its mouth, wearing tiger-skin clothes, and holding metal bars with protruding surfaces. It lives for the most part in the depths of the mountains and has the image of a bad guy who kidnaps people.

On the other hand, in a few Japanese folktales, it comes into view as a lonely tiger, and is eager to be a friend with people. As a result of the bad image, this character is more often than not considered as representative of bad things.

  • Amabie

It is also a Yokai that has been getting a lot of attention in recent times. It is characterized by its looks like mermaid, beak like a bird, and hair that is long enough to reach its feet. It is said to have the power to ward off plague is one of the key reasons this character has been getting so much attention recently.

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