Perfume vs. Body Mist: 7 Key Differences You Need to Know

Many women want to smell their absolute best when they leave the house every morning. As a result, a large percentage of them spray either perfume or body mist onto themselves before walking out their front doors.

Surveys have shown that more than 40% of women wear perfume or body mist on a daily basis. They also buy a new bottle of perfume or body mist at least once each month.

But it begs the question: Which of these two options is better? Today, we’re going to have the perfume vs. body mist debate in an effort to figure this out.

More specifically, we’re going to focus on some of the key differences that exist in perfume vs. body mist. It should help you to decide which one you want to start wearing day in and day out, assuming you’re the type to wear perfume or body mist in the first place.

Here are the seven biggest differences that separate perfume vs. body mist.

1. Perfumes Contain More Oils Than Body Mists

When you look up the answer to the question, “What is perfume?”, you’ll find that it’s made by blending oils, alcohol, and water together. And it’s the oils that are found in perfume that give it the distinct smell that it lets off.

Body mists also contain oils that are responsible for helping to produce the smells that they let off. But one of the first major differences between perfume vs. body mist is that perfumes have a lot more oils than body mists do.

The exact amount of oils found in perfumes will vary from one perfume to the next. You might find more oils in one eau de parfum or perfume than the next one.

But generally speaking, you’re going to notice more oils in perfume vs. body mist. It’s what sets them apart and makes them smell so much stronger than body mists in most cases.

2. Body Mists Have More Water in Them Than Perfumes

So, if body mists don’t contain as many oils in them as perfumes do, then what exactly is in them? That might be what you’re wondering right now.

More often than not, the answer to this question is simple. Body mists have a lot more water in them than perfumes do.

This would explain why body mists tend to have a much thinner consistency than perfumes do. When you spray body mists on your skin in the morning, it’ll feel almost like you’re spraying water onto your skin. And that’s because, for the most part, that’s precisely what you’re doing.

All of the water that you’ll find in body mists is another reason why body mists aren’t typically anywhere near as strong as perfumes are. You can spray body mist all over the place and still not have it smell as strong as perfume does because of all the water that is found in it.

There are, of course, some body mists that contain more water than others. Cheap body mists, in particular, are going to have a lot of water in them and smell watered-down as a result.

But all body mists contain more water than even the cheapest perfumes do. It’s something that you should keep in mind when trying to make a decision between perfume vs. body mist.

3. Body Mists Have More Alcohol in Them Than Perfumes

Oils and water aren’t the only things that you’ll find in both perfumes and body mists. There is also some alcohol thrown into the mix for good measure.

But perfume and body mist don’t contain the same amount of alcohol. Just like with water, it’s once again body mists that win out when it comes to which of these two options has more alcohol in them.

For the most part, this isn’t going to make a gigantic difference in the smells associated with perfume vs. body mist. You will smell the alcohol in body mists slightly more than you smell the alcohol in perfumes, but it won’t be that noticeable for too long.

The alcohol that is found in body mists will, however, make body mists evaporate a lot quicker than they would otherwise. And this can take a toll on how long that you’re able to smell body mists after spraying them onto your skin.

If you’re concerned about the alcohol found in perfume vs. body mist, you might want to take a closer look at how much alcohol is contained in each. It can help to point you in the right direction when you’re in the market for one or the other.

4. Perfumes Are More Concentrated Than Body Mists

You can’t talk about perfume vs. body mist without mentioning the concentration levels of each of these options. In a perfect world, you want to buy one that is going to be extra concentrated so that its smell lasts you for a very long time.

One thing that you’ll notice when comparing perfume vs. body mist is that perfume will be way more concentrated than body mist is. The companies that produce body mists usually put just enough oils into their concoctions to make them smell good, but those oils get diluted by the water and alcohol in a hurry.

The oils that are put into perfumes, on the other hand, don’t dilute anywhere close to as much as the ones put into body mists. This allows for the fragrances from the oils to linger in perfumes, which is why they’re so much more potent than the fragrances from the oils in body mists.

Something that you should remember, though, is that different perfumes have different concentration levels. The answer to the question, “Is perfume better than eau de parfum?”, is usually “no” since eau de parfum has a higher concentration level than eau de toilette.

If you want to buy a perfume that is extremely fragrant and impossible to miss, eau de parfum is going to be the best option for you. It’ll be a better choice than the average perfume.

5. Perfumes Last a Lot Longer Than Body Mists

Perfumes and body mists are both going to make you smell good when you put them on. It’s why so many women wonder why they should even bother trying to make a choice between perfume vs. body mist. Shouldn’t they just go with whichever one they like the most?

You can do that. But you should be aware of the fact that most perfumes are going to last way longer than body mists do. In fact, you might find that a single spray of perfume will continue to work all day long while you’ll have to spray more body mist on your skin every few hours, if not more often than that, to get the same effect.

At the end of the day, you want for whichever scent that you put on in the morning to stick around well beyond breakfast. And that’s not typically going to happen when you only put on body mists. You’ll want to upgrade to perfumes in order to get your desired result.

6. Perfumes Have a Stronger Scent Than Body Mists

If someone is literally standing right next to you, they’re going to smell both perfume and body mist once they get a whiff of you. It’ll be impossible for them to escape your aroma.

But what about those who aren’t standing close to you? Will they be able to smell both perfume and body mist in the same way?

Unfortunately, they won’t be able to do this. They’re probably only going to be able to smell perfume on you if they’re more than a few feet away from you.

Perfume is going to have a much stronger scent to it than body mist because of all the oils found in it. It’s going to create a fragrance that will fill a room—in a good way!—when you wear it. A body mist wouldn’t be able to do the same thing unless you doused yourself in it, and even then, the scent would eventually wear off.

This means that you will need to be careful about how you wear perfume. If you spray too much of it on each morning, you’re going to gain a reputation for being the woman who wears way too much perfume.

But as long as you’re not too liberal when you apply perfume, it should let off just the right amount of a scent as you walk around at work, school, etc. People will be pleasantly surprised by your aroma and won’t be shy about letting you know that they appreciate the perfume that you have on.

7. Perfumes Often Cost More Than Body Mists

We can’t talk about the perfume vs. body mist debate without talking about the price tags that are on each of these options. There is going to be a pretty big difference between the two in most instances.

The average perfume is going to have a much higher price tag on it than the average body mist. There are some decent body mists that you can buy for under $10. But if you attempt to buy a perfume for that price, you’re going to end up with a knockoff perfume that isn’t any good.

That doesn’t mean that you’re going to need to spend a small fortune to get your hands on a good bottle of perfume. When you shop around while buying perfume online, you should be able to stumble across something that will fit nicely in your budget. Visit to see some great options that will fit into your price range.

But you will need to be prepared to spend more on perfumes than on body mists. It comes with the territory when you’re going to wear perfume vs. body mist.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. The age-old saying, “You get what you pay for,” comes to mind with regards to buying perfume vs. body mist.

Perfume will:

  • Smell amazing when you put it on
  • Provide you with a fragrance that will last for the whole day
  • Set you up with a bottle that will last for months on end
  • Earn you more than a few compliments at work, school, etc.
  • Put you in a great mood when you wear it and boost your confidence level

We say all of this to say that you shouldn’t be scared off by how much that perfume costs compared to body mist. While you’re going to have to shell out a little more money for it, it’ll be well worth it in the end. It’ll show you why the perfume vs. body mist debate isn’t really a debate at all by declaring perfume the clear-cut winner.

Perfume vs. Body Mist: Which One Should You Buy and Wear?

In reality, it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world for you to have both perfumes and body mists on hand when you’re getting ready each morning. You might want to get into the habit of mixing and matching your scents based on everything from your outfits to your moods.

But if you can only pick one side in the perfume vs. body mist debate, we would have to say that perfume will be your better option. It’ll smell great, last long, and do everything that body mist can do and more.

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