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Summer is well and truly on its way. With sunshine, fresh air and the festive season on its way. The Summer of 2020 is going to be a lot different to summers gone by. However even with the different circumstances, it is still a time to celebrate. It is a time to dress up, refresh that wardrobe and get a few new stunning pieces that are on trend. There are some amazing trends that are starting to hit the shops, both online and in store ready for summer. Check out some of the best print and pattern trends for Summer.

All The Flowers

Floral designs are making a big come back and are very trendy this season. There are so many different designs to choose from. Choosing your floral print is something that comes down to personal choice and preference. There is something for everyone.

There are the pretty pastel floral dresses that can be worn both casually and formally. The pastel floral look can be completed very simply with a pair of sandals or strappy heels.

You can choose a design that consists of bold wild flowers. This look is very popular in longer dresses and the maxi style. Jumpsuits, dresses and playsuits all look great with a wild flower design.

Another popular choice is the pressed flower design. Bold colours and flowers against natural backgrounds. Maxi skirts and floral tops are trending in these designs.

Adding in simple accessories such as cute headbands and strappy sandals can complete your look in seconds.


Another popular choice for this coming Summer is the Gingham design. Gingham is a lightweight, woven cotton material which is perfect for any type of summer weather. It is typically a checked design consisting of two coloured checkered throughout the material.

There are so many different colour choices on the market now. There are different styles to the checkers with bigger squares, smaller squares and a mix of both in one.

You could fill your wardrobe with a different gingham piece for each day! Long sleeved pieces are prefect for those cool summer days and shorter styles for when it is too hot. The lightweight design always makes it perfect for keeping you cool and stylish.

Gingham is a must have for your Summer collection.

Block Print

Bold and bright block print dresses are a must have this summer. Long flowy dresses or short and cute dresses. They are all welcome in the beautiful block print style. Combining multiple colours into the one dress or top gives a statement look to your outfit.

The great thing about this style is there are so many different designs and choices to choose from. You can find an outfit for pretty much any occasion. With the different styles of apparel available in this design it makes adding new and different pieces to your collection simple and easy.

You can easily dress the outfit up or make it more casual by changing up your shoes, jewellery or accessories.

The hardest part about this style is knowing when you have too much of it 😉

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The Boho Look

A trend that has been popular for a few years now and still gaining plenty of momentum is the boho look.

The boho look draws its inspiration from the bohemian and hippie styles of clothing and brings them together in a popular and trendy way. Natural colours, flowy designs, feathers and tassals are all signature parts of the style. They all come together beautifully.

There are many beautiful boho dresses that are being brought out for the summer. The long, flowy look and feel to the boho style means that you are not only looking stunning but also feeling it as well.

You are sure to find a signature piece or two for your collection that consist of the boho colours and styles. Jumpsuits are very popular at the moment. If you are looking for something comfy and stylish you can not go past a boho jumpsuit.

Complete your look with natural looking accessories and comfy sandals or flats.

There are a few great prints and patterns that are on trend for this coming season. Now is the time to start looking for the pieces that are going to compliment your style and body type. Whether you are looking for bold statement pieces or simple and elegant – you are sure to find something to suit. And remember, there is nothing wrong with mixing the different prints and patterns together and bringing your own look to the table. You are your own person and can rock anything you put together.

Don’t forget your accessories and your shoes. They will bring the whole outfit together.

And most of all have fun browsing and shopping. The pieces of clothing you buy for your summer collection should be ones you love and got excited about when you found them.

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