Sidney Sheldon’s The Tides of Memory: A Book Review



I turned into having the blues within the cool, cold weather. I changed into depressed and in a restoration what to do. Then it struck me why no longer pick out to do considered one of my favored things. And that is going over my favorite writer Sidney Sheldon’s novel and writing a review on it. Here I offer a overview for one among his excellent works, “The Tides of Memory”.

About the Book

In the storyline, an enigmatic, overpowering Lady, Alexia De Vere, via name, becomes the Home Secretary in London and is relishing moments of super victory. She has a painful beyond at the back of, but this isn’t always the time to resurface it. Alexia is having the culmination of her career, and she or he is outrageously satisfied about it. As days go with the aid of, her husband starts offevolved to plot to throw a party at their amazing residence, celebrating 3 hundred years of De Vere’s records. Both Alexia and De Vere’s friends, fellow friends, and pals are invited.

When the day of the birthday celebration arrives, their son Michael has a horrible coincidence and goes into a coma. The celebration is naturally canceled as De Vere’s own family mourns over their son. Their daughter Roxie is restrained to a wheelchair after an tried suicide over every other trouble tons earlier.

Michael’s accident, Roxie’s tried suicide, the cold conflict between Roxie and her Mom Alexia, Alexia’s husband, De Vere, her near pal Lucy lower back in the United States, and her painful beyond are all excellently interconnected to make up for all of the mysteries within the tale.;

The mistakes the De Veres make cost them to be on the brink of losing the whole thing- all their luminous properties and wealth. How far would each of them go to hide the truth?

This is Sidney Sheldon’s fabulous master of storytelling.

About the Authors

Sidney Sheldon is the writer of bestselling novels, television scripts, foremost movies, and Broadway performs, making him one of the international’s most massive storytellers. Each of his notably famend books has hit No. 1 at the New York Times bestseller listing.

Some of his thrilling blockbuster novels are “The Best Laid Plans”, “Morning, Noon and Night”, “Nothing Lasts Forever”, “Memories of Midnight”, and “Sands of Time” etc. His first book, “The Naked Face” changed into acclaimed with the aid of the New York Times as the pleasant first thriller novel of the yr and received an Edgar Award.

Tilly Bagshawe is the co-author of the book being reviewed, and she is the across the world bestselling creator of pretty many novels.

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