The Best for a Budget: Affordable Moissanite Engagement Ring

Are you looking for a budget-friendly but still beautiful engagement ring for that special someone? Well, look no further! Affordable moissanite engagement rings are spreading in popularity due to their durability, brilliance, and overall financial accessibility. Read on to learn more about why moissanite makes such an amazing option for an engagement ring, and how to ensure you’re buying the perfect stone for your perfect moment. 


Your Engagement Ring Budget

One of the most crucial aspects of engagement ring shopping is making sure you have your budget range thoroughly priced out before you start shopping. Start by researching the specific style and taste that your loved one is interested in. What type of cut do they like? Do they want smaller stones to offset the larger ones? What type of band are they interested in? Do some thorough research, hammer down an amount that you’re comfortable spending, and then use this information to begin pricing out your options.


Engagement Ring Costs

The price range for your average engagement ring may vary significantly. Some couples may spend under $1,000 for a classic gemstone ring, while others may spend upwards of 1 million for precious diamonds, rubies, and the inclusion of other rare gemstones. Typically, however, your average engagement ring price will be somewhere close to $6,000. For many couples, this type of budget is simply not feasible. Luckily, however, there are some alternatives to the classic diamond engagement ring. Looking into lab-grown diamond options, and color-enhanced gemstones is a truly great option for those looking to shop on a budget but still get something breathtaking.


Why Moissanite is a Great Option

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Affordable moissanite engagement rings are an increasingly popular option for many buyers. With a similar appearance to diamonds, moissanite is a gemstone comprised of silicon carbide that is much more affordable due to its ability to be manufactured. While originally it was discovered in its natural form by scientist Henry Moissan in the 1800s, it’s now produced in a lab through a process that takes between 2 to 3 months. 


Moissanite resembles a diamond in both appearance and durability. Because it’s comprised partly of carbon, it retains a similar appearance to diamonds, and is also the second hardest gemstone in the world, coming in on average at 9.5 on the hardness scale. Because of this, when searching for a durable and long-lasting engagement ring, moissanite presents an amazing alternative to its more expensive diamond cousin. 


Overall Savings

While moissanite might look incredibly similar to your typical diamond, the major difference you’ll see is in the cost of the stone. For example, an oval moissanite engagement ring at around 2 carats might cost you close to $1,900. In contrast, a diamond of a similar size and cut will cost closer to $11,000. Keep in mind that even for lab-grown diamonds, you’ll only be paying around 15% less, so closer to $9,500. In terms of cost, a moissanite stone definitely comes out as the better option for those looking for something both beautiful and affordable!

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