The Latest Designer Sarees Collection You Must Consider

Like Shakespeare is for literature, sarees are for Indian ethnic wear. No woman’s wardrobe is complete without a saree. From stealing your mom’s basic silk saree to attending a college farewell event to buying the latest designer sarees for your own wedding, we all have developed a special connection with sarees. Adding a perfect tint of a classy and elegant vibe to your look, sarees are the wardrobe staple you just want to keep adding to your collection.

Not only us, but sarees have always been the choice of our favorite celebrities as well. From Deepika’s royal and imperial-looking reception saree to Priyanka’s desi girl vibe, it is simply difficult to get over them. There are myriads of styles and materials that differentiate them from one another when we talk about buying designer sarees. Want to shop for sarees online? We have got you covered.

Whether you love to carry lightweight sarees or have your eyes upon some heavy possessions, below are the latest designer saree collection that you must consider buying this season:

Slay it in a Chic Chiffon Saree

The flimsy and translucent chiffon material sarees are the perfect go-to attire to pick for any occasion. Whether you are heading to a get-together night with all your relatives or are planning on attending a friend’s wedding. The breezy material adds elegance to the look. Since chiffon sarees are light in weight, you can style them the way you want. To give it a much more subtle and nice look, make sure to complement it with light jewelry like a pair of fine-drawn earrings or a sleek pendant set. However, if you are looking forward to slaying a rocking look with it, you can get creative with your saree. When it’s chiffon, you are the boss.

Pull it off with Chikankari

The chikan embroidery has its roots in Lucknow, UP. It is a traditional style of embroidery done over various types of textiles like cotton, silk, muslin, net, etc. Earlier, the chikankari work was done using thin white thread but today, it is even done with different pastel color threats that add to the look of any piece of cloth. Chikan embroidery gives an exquisite and unique touch to the sarees that give them a regal look. You can wear chikan sarees on a multitude of occasions making you grab all the eyes and turn heads. So, buy the latest designer sarees and get ready for all the attention.

Kill them with a Silk Saree

You are not a true saree adorer if you don’t have a silk saree in your closet and still wish to buy more. Silk is classic when it comes to sarees. Materials may come and go but we can’t ever ditch a silk saree. The rich splendor of a six-yard-silk-saree is just inevitable. Whether it’s your big day or someone else’s, it can be your ultimate savior for all types of occasions. Not only the traditional getaways, but you can also wear them as an indo-western attire. Just add a cool belt to it, add a pair of statement earrings and necklace, and guess what? You are ready to outshine like a celeb.

Luxe Handcrafted Banarasi Sarees

Buy the latest designer sarees but leave behind the banarasi sarees? That’s not something we will let you do. Made in Varanasi, Banarasi sarees are famous for their gold and silver zari, embroidery, and fine-quality silk. These are usually heavy because of the designs and decorations over them. When talking about the handcrafted banarasi sarees, they can often be found in an Indian bride’s trousseau. However, they are not only restricted to wear on grand occasions. With appropriate styling, one can pull them off on all types of events. As these sarees are not as flowy and breezy as chiffon sarees, you must carry them with light delicate jewelry. But, on important occasions like weddings and anniversaries, just go with little heavy pieces to give it a more majestic and elite look.

Apart from these sarees, there are various other materials that you can choose to buy the latest designer sarees. Cotton, Net, Crepe, Kanjeevaram, Patola, Khadi, Organza are a few among other materials that we believe you should definitely own in your saree collection. If you too are a saree lover, these materials will surely help you pick an apt saree for attending your next big event and slaying it with a perfect Indian gala appearance.

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