Top 5 Most Expensive Cities To Purchase Property In Florida

Top 5 Most Expensive Cities To Purchase Property In Florida

Here are the five top most expensive places to purchase property while living in the sunshine state

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It’s no wonder that more people are settling for renting out of fear that they cannot afford to put 20% down for a down payment on a property due to the established rules outlined today. Yet, in a place like Palm Beach, Florida, purchasing property is available to anyone willing to invest in their future—for the right price and attitude. So, why would you settle for a place you think is within your limitations?

Purchasing property in Florida is not a pipe dream, contrary to popular belief. Anyone can purchase real estate in the sunshine state—and get a return back on their investment though it depends on where. Location is essential to where you live and the life you wish to have. Regardless of your income, your dreams, or just your desire to be near a beach, here are five cities that can make it happen:

  • Palm Beach: This city is perfect for anyone looking to be near the beach and invest in their future. Located on an island off of Florida, this growing metropolis sparks the ideal invitation for anyone to move and make this a new residence. Its area is growing minute close location to the mainland and allows for excellent views, regardless of where. Though the average cost for a new home is a million or two, this sparkling metropolis is said to grow even more in terms of population and popularity. With the beach within walking distance for most residents, this is the perfect place to put down roots.
  • Boca Grande: Located off Florida’s west coast on the island of Gasparilla, this small residential community is perfect for those looking to escape the city life and find tranquility in paradise. Despite the low amenities offered for this little island, it serves as an ideal place to be free from the nosy public and allow for privacy while living here. Many individuals choose this spot to be free from the public eye but to have private ceremonies as a result. Thus, it is the perfect space for anyone looking to be in peace and have privacy. The average cost of a home and property stands at one million point seven hundred thousand, but the investment and tranquility are worth the tag due to the nature of in-season and off-season residents that frequent this space.
  • Miami: Located at the tip of the Florida coast, this thriving community is a growth of culture, fun, and a perfect place to purchase a property. Near white beaches and turquoise waters, this city is an ideal stop for those who crave a city life while living in the sun. Newly renovated condos and houses seem to pop up overnight as the city grows each day due to the growing popularity. On average, homes and property go for around four hundred thousand dollars, which can account for the off and on season residents that frequent this place of paradise. This city generally has a high cost to entry but a high guarantee on return with an investment and a place to set roots down.
  • Key Biscayne: If you would prefer to be near a city but far away to avoid the hustle, then this town is perfect for you. Two parks nearby, this town sits near the city of Miami with enough distance to enjoy the tranquility and avoid the bustle of a busy city. Comparatively, this town is by the beauty of the sea and the beaches it offers. With its white sand and sitting near two famous parks, this town is in paradise. The average cost of a home stands to go for near one point one million dollars, but the promise of heaven is worth the big spend ahead. House surrounded by the beach in every view, and take in what this small town has to offer.
  • Anna Maria: Located off the west coast and near Tampa’s city, this small island holds the perfect place to sit down roots and become familiar while living in a small community. Anna Maria Island serves as a beautiful place to place seeds for anyone who craves to be in a caring community while in paradise. The cost of a property or home for this island is about one point one million dollars, but it will make for an excellent price for heaven and a worthy investment into your future.


Finding a place to live can feel a little overwhelming, but deciding to spend most of your time in—is what will make you the happiest. Living in an expensive neighborhood and in Florida—can bring you to what will make you most comfortable and affluent. It is no secret that living in Florida is expensive, but purchasing a property in an expensive area is worth the investment. It would be best to decide how you would like to live and living in an expensive abode is the best way to live your life.

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