Try Something New for Valentine’s This Year


When you were in 2nd grade, Valentine’s Day preparations were easy. You’d choose your favorite cardboard box with your favorite cartoon characters, add some candy, and then write out your classmates’ names. As an adult, your holiday arrangements sometimes become stale. The only variation from year to year is where you’ll end up eating. What you need this year are some new and exciting ideas that will inspire you to celebrate the holiday every month.

Whip Up an Intimate Meal

Maybe you love and look forward to that special meal each year. If you and your significant other enjoy cooking, you could light some candles and whip up something fantastic in the kitchen. There are actually many benefits to cooking together, even if just one of you is preparing the food while the other hangs around to talk. The benefits include improved communication, teamwork, and appreciation. Add some romantic touches for the holiday, but this activity could become one that you cherish all year.

Let Your Dreams Carry You Away

If you and your special someone love to dream, spend the night putting together a couple’s bucket list or plan your next adventure together. You don’t actually have to finalize any of the arrangements. Instead, focus on choosing a beautiful location and writing down the activities you want to enjoy when you arrive. Look up eating establishments, museums, entertainment, and recreational activities available in the area. Don’t worry about sticking to your budget for now. You’re just dreaming, so dream big! Let your imaginations take you dancing into those chandeliered venues.

Re-Create the Romance of Your Honeymoon

If you’ve been together for very long, think of re-creating your honeymoon for the holiday. What were your favorite elements about the occasion? Create a menu of some of your favorite treats. Play music that takes you back to the site of your honeymoon. Can you find decorations that set the stage?

Remember that one of your main priorities during those special days was spending time with each other. Put away your cell phones, avoid discussing stressful topics, and think about all those things that attracted you to each other in the first place.

Learn Something New as a Couple

There are many types of classes geared toward individuals or couples that can be completed within a session or two. For example, you could sign up to complete a painting or throw some pottery. You might enjoy a yoga session or learn how to give each other a simple massage. There are a lot of benefits to learning new things as an individual, and, naturally, there are benefits to trying things as a couple. Studies show that learning things together strengthens your connection to each other and leads to happier, more satisfying lives.

Enjoy an Adult Game Night

Do you and your loved one enjoy games? There are several games geared toward bringing couples closer together, but you could also adjust some of your standby favorites toward a romantic celebration. For example, if you love Jenga, write insightful questions to strengthen your relationship on each block that help you get to know each other better. As you draw out a block, answer the question. Consider spicing up a game of Charades or adding a strip-poker angle to your game of choice. You and your special someone may enjoy an intimate game of Twister. Complete the night with a fun set of matching underwear for couples.

Prioritize Each Other All Year

Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to schedule a special night for your loved one. These opportunities to spend time with each other for the purpose of strengthening your relationship can, and ought to, be enjoyed year-round. If nothing else, wait until the stars come out and hold hands under a blanket reminiscing about some of your favorite times together.

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