Uses of Silk in Textile Industry

Raw silk is molded and processed to manufacture suits, ties, lingerie, blouses, shirts, and trousers. Mulberry silk is handspun and is used for making sleeping bags and comforters. Other than that silk fabric is used for making curtains, cushion covers, sofa covers, and draperies. Knitted clothing are also made of silk fabric but is little expensive. Silk is regarded as one of the most luxurious fabrics on the planet. Silk is known for its smooth texture and slippery quality. Let’s discuss some of the characteristics of silk fabric:

Composition of fabric: Silk fabric is created by the fibers created by an insect called silkworm.

Breathability: Silk is highly breathable.

Moisture soaking ability: Silk’s moisture soaking ability is quite high.

Heat retention: Quite low.

Stretchability: Quite Low.

Washing Temperature: Warm or Cool.

Common uses: lingeries, evening wear, blouses, nightgowns, curtains, and medical dressing.

Why is Silk Fabric Expensive?

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First things first and that is its tensile strength. The second aspect is definitely the softness that it has. It is also called as the queen of fabrics. The silk industry in the last decade or so has expanded greatly but the uses remain the same as they were during the ancient age. Also, silk doesn’t absorb dust and therefore it remains neat even while travelling. Silk is one of the oldest textile fabrics and hence it is one of the most expensive fabric on earth. Buy fabrics online as we provide fabric for all your needs.

Other Uses of Silk

The silk gut utilized in a medical procedure for inner stitching is produced using silk organs. The silk organs are taken apart out and put in warm water and pulled at two finishes to yield a fiber of uniform thickness. This protein is auto absorbable and need not be taken out after injury mending. Silk unites have been utilized effectively to supplant cut arteries.Silkworm can be raised in research center for hereditary examinations. This creepy crawly was demonstrated as a decent research facility apparatus for any sort of trial. Part of examination work is under progress on various lines of biotechnology, hereditary qualities utilizing silkworms in Japan. Silkworm is especially helpful for hereditary trials in biotechnology.

Silk fabric is one of the finest fabrics available and has been in fashion for ages. Try some of the best silk fabric to enjoy winter festivities.

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