What do Your Socks Say About You?


Everything in your outfit can speak volumes about you as a person. Shirts, hats, pants, shoes, and yes, even socks. Clothing, in general, is a way to express yourself without saying even a word, that’s why the fashion industry thrives in this day and age. With so many different personality types, and so many different options, what do you think your socks say about you?

Plain White Socks.

If you wear white socks, that typically means you went with the default. White socks are worn by many different types of people. The typical mindset of white sock wearers is “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”. Maybe you play sports, maybe the socks go well with your outfit today, or maybe you just wanted to go with the safe choice. Nothing wrong with wanting to go with the safe choice, there is a reason why white socks are so popular and sometimes it’s easier just to pick what’s worked in the past when you have so many other decisions in life to make.

Plain Black Socks.

People that prefer plain black socks often feel superior to people that wear white socks. It’s not a safe choice, but it’s still common. Black goes well with everything so making them look good with your outfit. People that wear black socks like to make a statement while being understated, and typically want to ensure that they’re always looking the best. Black socks are versatile worn by business people and people with alternative styles alike.

Colored Socks.

There are two types of people that wear colored socks. Some are the type that just love color composition and are passionate about adding a splash of color into their outfit, and others are just bored of only choosing between black and white socks. These people are usually fashion-forward, and whether they have a good sense of fashion or not, it’s almost always very distinct.

Fluffy Socks.

People that wear fluffy socks are typically pleasant people. They like being cozy and even value it over style if they can’t have both. If you wear fluffy socks, it’s likely that you wish you could wear your sweaters year round and maybe even prefer fall and winter out of all of the seasons.

What Types of Socks do You Use and What They Mean About You!

Dark Colored Socks with Designs.

If this is your preference, you probably look good and know it. Darker colored socks with designs like houndstooth, damask, sharkskin, or really any of the classic designs are classy. You’re probably serious at times, and you always want to make sure that you’re looking your best no matter what you’re doing.

Bright Colored Socks with Designs.

People that like brightly colored socks with designs are usually very fun people, and that’s how they want to come off. These kinds of socks add a very interesting twist to any outfit and stick out enough that even some people that don’t always notice socks. Definitely a solid choice, and can make some very cool outfits come right to life.

So Many Statements With Such a Simple Piece of Clothing.

It’s likely that clothing will always be a form of self-expression, and that everything you choose to wear from your head to your toes will say a good deal about you as a person. Whether you like to go with the traditional white socks or you like to spice things up with a funky design, there are socks that suit your personality. Whether you’re dressing in your Sunday best or just going out to grab a bite to eat, your socks speak volumes about you.

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