Why Some Travel Size Hair Brushes Are Better Than Others

Why Some Travel Size Hair Brushes Are Better Than Others

No two travel size hair brushes are created the same. Just because it’s small and fits in your purse doesn’t mean that it helps your hair. There are good and bad brushes and no one wants the bad.

Before you buy a brush to carry in your purse, know what you’re getting to make sure you’re helping (not hurting) your hair because many brushes do more damage than good.

Your Brush Needs Protection

Any brush you carry in your purse should have a cover. If it doesn’t, think of the dirt and grime it will pick up. Your brush sits in your purse, along with receipts, your wallet, makeup, pens, and anything else you throw into it.

If your purse is the catch-all for anything and everything, you’re putting germs into it too. If your brush is uncovered, it picks up the dirt and grime in your purse.

The Right Brush Should Detangle Your Hair

Now let’s look at the brush’s bristles. A harsh brush that doesn’t protect your hair doesn’t do you any good. If it pulls your hair, it may break it. Instead, you need a brush that detangles gently, leaving you with flowing hair.

detangling brush will get through even the toughest tangles and spread the oils from your scalp throughout your hair. If you have slightly oily hair, you’ll appreciate this. If you leave the oils sitting on your scalp, you’ll get that greasy, didn’t wash your hair look that no one likes.

A Brush That Does Double-Duty Is Great

If you’re carrying a travel brush, why not have one that does something else too? A compact brush with a mirror is a useful tool to have in your purse. Every woman needs a compact mirror, whether you’re looking at your hair, fixing your makeup, or trying to get something out of your eye, why not have something cute in your purse that’s useful?

Travel Size Hair Brushes Should Be Compact

Most importantly, though your travel brush should be compact. That’s the point of it being travel, right?

If a brush is too bulky, it takes up more room in your purse and can get annoying. Before long, you’ll take it out and not have a way to fix your hair while on-the-go. Find a brush that’s cute, compact, and useful to help detangle and freshen up your hair.

Put A Travel Hair Brush In Your Purse

Don’t leave home without your compact hairbrush! Now that winter is coming, everyone’s going to have tangled, messy hair. Whether you’re dealing with hat hair, frizz, or just want to get rid of the tangles in your hair, every woman needs a compact brush in their purse.

Choose a fun color and you have a conversation starter in your purse. We can guarantee all the women around you will be oohing and ahhing over your cute little brush, not to mention your gorgeous hair after you use it.

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