6 Stylish and Simple Outfits Perfect for Moms

As a mom, you likely have a variety of activities that fill your days. Furthermore, there’s an excellent chance that no two days in your week look exactly alike. No matter what the day has in store, you can be stylish while checking off items on your to-do list. Having some simple, classic outfits in your wardrobe makes it easy to look effortlessly stylish every day. Consider a few of these ideas to get you started.

1. A Classic White Shirt and Denim Combo

A crisp white button-up shirt and jeans provide both style and comfort to a busy mom. Take it a step further and add a sweater to your ensemble. There are plenty of cute cardigans that can keep you warm while offering a splash of color. A pair of faded bootcut jeans look just as fashionable with a white shirt as it does with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Tuck your white shirt into your jeans and put on a red, royal blue, or Kelly green belt as an eye-catching accessory. Or, instead of tucking in your shirt, twist it into a side knot at your waist. On a warm day, consider wearing wedge sandals or a pair of flat thong sandals. In cooler temperatures, go with a pair of boots or loafers.

2. A Knit Sweater and Relaxed Jeans

Relaxed jeans in dark denim go well with a plain white or an off-white knit sweater. A white or light-colored sweater with dark stripes in a horizontal or chevron design is another attractive option. Or, you could choose a color-blocked design with light and dark shades of the same color.

Low-heel ankle boots are comfortable to wear and contribute even more style to your outfit. Selecting a tote bag that complements the color of your ankle boots is another way to enhance this look. Are you a hat person? If so, a wool-felt wide-brim hat helps to put this simple outfit over the top.

3. A Wrap Dress and Sandals

A wrap dress is a go-to garment that you can dress up or down to suit the day’s activities. The tie of a wrap dress allows you to fasten it tightly around you or keep it more relaxed. Plus, these dresses are available in prints and solid colors. Some of them have a short-sleeve design, while others have three-quarter or long sleeves. Low-heel sandals or sneakers are two suggestions if you want to keep your outfit casual. Or, you can pair the dress with a blazer and high heels for a date night without the kids.

Enhance the appearance of your wrap dress by adding an item of cute jewelry to the picture. Match your necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry to the color of the dress. Or use a colorful piece of jewelry to serve as a dramatic contrast to a black or dark blue wrap dress.

A Wrap Dress and Sandals - Click to view full size photo

4. Jogger Pants Paired With a Graphic T-Shirt

A pair of jogger pants can be a simple yet stylish item in your closet. Jogger pants in solid green, blue, or black go well with a graphic T-shirt. Consider a T-shirt featuring colors that echo the color of your jogger pants. This is a small detail, but it can instantly bring all parts of this ensemble together.

Sandals, flats, or sneakers are all excellent options to slip on with these trendy, casual pants. A pendant necklace, bracelet, or colorful earrings are all accessories that can serve as an ideal finishing touch.

5. A Floral Maxi Skirt With a Knotted Top

If you’re searching for an elegant, casual piece, consider adding a maxi skirt to your wardrobe. A maxi skirt with a floral pattern is great to pair with a white T-shirt or a button-up shirt in a solid color. Knotting the T-shirt or blouse at the front or side of your waist is a fashionable touch.

Heeled boots, sneakers, flats, and sandals look beautiful with a maxi skirt. This opens the door to a lot of creative choices. If you’re wearing a maxi skirt with a black blouse, you can go with a pair of black boots to complete the picture. Or, if you’re wearing a white T-shirt with your floral maxi skirt, think about a pair of white sandals or wedges. Taking time to focus on the details makes all the elements of your ensemble flow together.

6. A Jumpsuit With a Belt or Neck Scarf

Though a jumpsuit has a very simple design, it is anything but boring. Some jumpsuits are zip-up, while others have a series of buttons down the front. You can choose a jumpsuit with a fabric belt attached or one with no belt. You can even pair one of your own thin or wide belts with your jumpsuit. The options are endless.

Pairing a silk neck scarf with a jumpsuit is an easy way to bring a dash of sophistication to this one-piece. If you opt for a dark green, navy blue, or black jumpsuit, consider a silk scarf with a flowered or pastel paisley design. The light colors in your neck scarf lend some brightness to the picture. Or, if you choose a light-colored jumpsuit with a floral or striped pattern, select a scarf in a solid, dark color.

Get creative with your scarf by tying it in different ways around your neck. If you have long hair, fasten the scarf around your ponytail. Short haircut? Fashion your silk scarf into a headband.

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Enjoy Simple, Comfortable Style

Putting these simple pieces together can inspire you to add more outfits to an ever-growing supply of favorites. You may just set a new fashion standard for all the moms in your neighborhood!

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