9 Self-care Activities for New Moms

Ask a new mom about her self-care routine, and you’re likely to get a blank stare. New moms are notorious for long to-do lists and neglecting their self-care needs. If this sounds like you, there’s good news. Self-care doesn’t have to take the form of a two-week vacation to Hawaii. Take a look at nine simple self-care activities to try until you can book that Hawaiian vacation.

Activity #1: Take a Walk in a Local Park

Getting outside for a walk in the park can recharge your batteries as well as refresh your perspective. Take some time to look around at the trees, flowers and wildlife while enjoying the fresh air. If you aren’t able to get a babysitter, take your baby along in a stroller. The movement may just lull your little one to sleep for a while. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and your nursing bra in case your baby gets hungry at the park.

Activity #2: Listen to an Audiobook

Maybe you like to read, but your new mom schedule doesn’t give you much time to sit down with a book. Well, think about listening to an audio version of the latest thriller, suspense, western or romance novel. Putting on your headphones and enjoying an audiobook can give you a welcome escape from your daily routine, if only for an afternoon.

Activity #3: Take a Nap in a Hammock

There’s something about napping in a hammock on a warm day that is very relaxing. If you don’t have a traditional hammock, think about purchasing one that includes its own stand. A freestanding hammock is excellent for a small backyard or patio. So, slip off your shoes and treat yourself to a snooze outdoors.

Activity #4: Go to Lunch With a Friend

Catching up with a friend for lunch is a fun way to treat yourself to a delicious meal while relieving stress with a few laughs. If your body is still recovering from pregnancy, slip on some postpartum shapewear before choosing an outfit. Style your hair, apply some lipstick and go out for some well-deserved fun.

Activity #5: Enjoy a Bath with Fragrant Bath Salts

Taking a bath is an essential type of self-care for many new moms. For an extra lift, consider adding fragrant bath salts to the water. Certain fragrances are excellent for lowering your stress level and soothing your nerves. Lavender bath salts have a beautiful fragrance that can reduce anxiety and even help you sleep better at night. Peppermint and rosemary are two other bath salt fragrances that can help you relax while relieving sore muscles. Why not give each of them a try to see which works best for you?

You can set a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom by lighting small candles and playing soft music. These additions can help you make your bathroom into a getaway that’s still in your home.

Activity #6: Book an Appointment for a Haircut

Call your hair salon and book an appointment for a shampoo, haircut and blow dry. Going to the hair salon isn’t just about getting a new hairstyle. It’s an opportunity to have the attention focused on you for a bit. Whether you go with a whole new hairstyle or a trim, your time at the hair salon can leave you feeling refreshed and more like yourself.

Activity #7: Go for a Drive

Going for a drive may not seem like self-care, but it gives you a chance to take a breath and have some alone time. So, arrange for a babysitter for an hour or two so you can jump in the car, start the engine and go!

Roll down the windows, play your favorite tunes or listen to an audiobook. Oh, be sure to stop for a snack to munch on while you cruise the roads. Sometimes just an hour or two driving around town can help you relax. Do you have access to a convertible? If so, put the top down and enjoy.

Activity #8: Treat Yourself to a Foot Massage

Make an appointment with a massage therapist for a foot massage. A foot massage can relieve stress and help you manage your emotions. A massage appointment is all about letting go of stressful thoughts and allowing your body to heal. It’s amazing how much difference a thirty-minute foot massage can make in your outlook. You may decide to make a foot massage part of your weekly routine.

Activity #9: See a Drive-in Movie

Is there a movie coming out that you really want to see? If so, consider going to a drive-in theater to see it. Being outdoors and enjoying a snack while you watch an exciting movie is a pleasant way to unwind from your daily routine. So, get a babysitter and have a movie date night outdoors.