Cake Flavours You Should Give a Try

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Of all this while, you have been eating a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake? There are many more flavours to try. To help you know about the variety of cake flavours that are a must try for you and easily available at bakery shops, we have prepared the list. Many of the cakes listed are fusion cakes, meaning amalgamation of two flavours or some exotic combinations.

Fuse Cake: When hungry grab a Snicker cake seems like an old saying. What’s new is when hungry grab a Snicker cake. The overloaded Snicker cake consists of chocolate cake layers, snicker chocolate bits and pieces, further, dressed in chocolate ganache, peanuts, and chocolate chunks on the top. A slice is enough to satiate all of your hunger pangs.

Kitkat Cake: Have a dessert break with a Kitkat cake. Many variations of Kitkat cake are readily available with online bakeries. The most popular being a chocolate cake bound with kitkat bars on all the four sides, topped with colourful gems, and finished with a red ribbon. It looks like an edible gift. Other versions include moist chocolate cake garnished with kitkats and chocolate ganache. Some of the Kitkat chocolate cakes have crunchy chunks of Kitkat chocolate inside.

Chocolate Walnut Cake: Chocolate and walnut taste great together just like fries and ketchup. A dark chocolate cake enrobed in chocolate frosting and garnished with crunchy walnuts on the top is the most popular version of the cake. Other versions include a taste of healthy walnuts in the batter with chocolate frosting.

Choc Chip Cake: Chocochips adds to a chocolate cake enriching taste and flavour. Whether a loaded chocolate chip cake, or the cake with molten lava and chocolate chips on the sides, it tastes just heavenly. White chocolate chips are also used for garnishing a cake. Half chocolate and half white chocolate chip cake is like all your sweet fantasies coming true.

Chocolate Red Velvet Cake: Experience the best of both worlds comes alive with this cake choice. A fusion cake of red velvet and chocolate flavours. Half of the cake is covered in red velvet cake crumbs and half in chocolate. Chocolate garnishes and chocolate sauce on top makes it ten times sweeter. The cake sponge has layers of both red velvet and chocolate flavour.

Choco Velvet Cake: By the look of it and feel, this cake is another synonym of sheer pleasure. Have a bite of it and you will feel all your sorrows melting away, trust us because we have felt it. Red velvet cake is layered with chocolate frosting. The cake is coated with chocolate buttercream roses and red velvet cake crumbs are sprinkled over it.

Chocolate Caramel Cake: A combination that you can never go wrong with. A truly chocolate cake with chocolate frosting inside but caramel frosting and ganache on top with chocolate pieces.

Chocolate Fruit Cake: You must have eaten many fruit cakes., but this is the next level. It is a chocolate fruit cake with almond shavings. A chocolate cake base with chocolate frosting. On the top, bit-sized pieces of seasonal fruits are added. The sides of the cake are laden with almond shavings.

Mango Cake: Summer is the season for mango cakes. Fresh, juicy, and sweet mango cakes to make summers delicious. A mango cake is baked with fresh slices of mango as well as mango fruit puree. Cherries and pistachios are used for garnishing, making it an ambrosial delight. A mango cake can also be garnished with chocolate garnishes and whipped cream.

Coffee Cake: A caffeine hit cake for all the coffee lovers. A chocolate cake sponge is frosted with coffee flavour icing and covered with the same. Chocolate ganache and coffee powder is used for decorating the cake.

Paan Cake: An authentic paan cake is baked with betel leaf and nuts. It consists of the paan taste with silver candies, cherries and rose petals. Green-coloured frosting is used for creamy texture.

You can avail all these cakes easily via the cake delivery in Patna. If you are developing a taste of new cake flavours, browse these cake flavours and enjoy!

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