How To Make Ripped Jeans For Womens Easy Methods

The Ultimate Guide for Making Ripped Jeans For Womens

Start from the straight shift that will be broken. Draw with chalk and cut with scissors. Here, be careful that it will hit the pants leg behind me. When finished cutting, then use tweezers to clamp the yarn one by one. Finally, take the vacuum cleaner to suck the small fragments out of the line. Try wearing it to see if it’s ok or not. Satisfied or not. If it’s still young, it may cause it to be torn even more.

Show Your Knees With Torn Jeans Intentionally

If any girl doesn’t like a line of serenity, the thread comes off loosely. Then try to bring a pen to draw a line on the part that will break. Then take scissors to cut a straight line. Use sandpaper to sand the threads to loosen slightly. Just this, you will get a new pair of jeans to put together to make it look adorable and chic.

Short Jeans, Torn, Beautiful, Feisty, Very Sexy

If you have old jeans that are loose, you will throw them away. So let’s transform it into a pair of women’s ripped jeans. First, pull up the pocket of your pants. Then cut the legs as short as you want. Then take the chalk to mark the distance where it will be chipped, use scissors to cut it, followed by tweezers to pull the thread out. Or may use a file to rub and pull the yarn out with my fingers. This method is also easy.

Concave, Nicked, Looks Sour And Spicy Like No Other

Another way is if you are afraid that the nicks are not cut while wearing them. But be careful to accidentally hit your own meat. In addition to the slits in the front, the girls will add sexiness by cutting a long slit under the rounded buttocks of girls as well.

Jeans Are Torn, Leaving Only White Lines, Like A Super Kid.

Any girl who likes a siren style the most, then try to change the jeans to be torn until only white threads are left, just cut them into a large cleft. Then take the tweezers to pull the thread vertically and you’re done. But the more you like it, the more you lack, it may take a long time. because wasting time on pulling the yarn

Hide The Sweetness With Ripped Jeans With Bow-Shaped

Any girls who want to wear ripped jeans but are bored of the same old style, then try ripped jeans with a bow shape. Because it’s easy to make and super cute. Start by using a tape measure to measure the sides to be the same size. Use scissors to cut along the lines that have been drawn. Then bring the small thread to catch the pleats together to form a bow. Find a piece of denim fabric and make a line to tie in the center of the bow and sew it together. Just like this, you will be wearing jeans that are torn in a bow shape and will add a chic and very cute look, as a reference, you can find a wide variety of women’s jeans at

Chipped Jeans Show Some Skin

Any confident girl who wants to be broken into a hole can do it. Use scissors to cut the slits to the desired size. and may use a very sharp knife to cut it around inconspicuously Wear it and look chic and quirky. Mix and match with a t-shirt that can be used, who likes any type, lacks more or less. You can take it to create as you like. Now you don’t have to spend money to buy a new pair of ripped jeans, just take the old one and modify it and wear it. Pair it with a t-shirt or shirt. Add a prop with a hat. I guarantee that the girls will look adorable. Don’t tell anyone.

Weight of Jeans

For anyone who is shopping for calico jeans. But I don’t know what weight fabric should I choose? We recommend that you choose calico jeans that weigh between 16-18 OZ (ounces) will be the best, because if you choose jeans that weigh more, they may not be suitable for the weather in Thailand. fighter And when you choose jeans that weigh a lot of ounces, the fabric is thick making it durable It’s harder to break than a few ounces of calico jeans.

Sanforized or Unsanforized

When you are shopping for calico jeans. You must first understand the types of calico jeans. There are two types of calico jeans: sanforized and unsanforized jeansSanforized calico jeans are jeans that have been processed to prevent shrinkage of the fibers. When you put them on, there’s no need to soak your calico jeans before wearing them. When you wash Jeans will shrink only about 1-2%, but for raw jeans unsanforized is jeans that have not undergone the shrinkage process of the fibers. Makes you have to soak your jeans before wearing them. because if you don’t soak When you put unsanforized calico jeans later, they will shrink a lot. It may cause your fade marks to slide. For the first time soaking unsanforized jeans, there will be a shrinkage of 5-10%.

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