Fixing Zippers is Easy

Many problems are common in zippers. But don’t worry because the solutions to most of them are actually simple and easy. Here are some of the common zipper issues and how to fix them.

Zipper Teeth are Stuck on Something

This is probably one of the most common zipper issues and is usually very simple to fix. Before anything else, make sure you check whether it is a piece of thread or even a hair strand. Hair is almost invisible so be sure that you check properly.

There is also a chance that the zipper has gotten stuck on some lint or the side cloth. Some people swear on putting some hair conditioner on the teeth of the zipper to make its operation silky and smooth all over again.

The worst thing that can happen is if the zipper teeth are not aligned correctly. If this happens, you might have to take the slider out and replace the slider or even the whole zipper itself. In such cases, you might also need to go to a tailoring shop to get your zipper fixed.

Zipper Slider is Broken

When the slider on your zipper is already broken beyond repair, you might need to visit so you can have it replaced with a new one.

Zipper Teeth Close Slowly with a Hint of Reluctance

How to Fix a Zipper With Quick and Easy Steps | LoveToKnow

It is a zipper issue that may be because of the zipper teeth getting worn out or because of some friction. You might need to lubricate it a bit for smooth movement. Some petroleum jelly or candle wax or even your colorless lip balm can actually do the trick. To do this, make sure that the teeth don’t get clogged up in wax or anything that you choose to apply.

Zipper is Already Fully Separated

This issue happens on unstitched zippers. The slider slips down that open the entire zipper into two separate teeth strips.

When this happens, the two teeth must be inserted inside the grooves of the zipper slider.

To do this, widen the grooves on the slider’s sides using the plier although there are times when you don’t need to do this. You just have to insert the teeth inside on the two sides with extra care.

It might be a bit tricky holding on to the edges of the zipper as you try getting the slider up. You might want to put some masking tape on the side edges without touching the teeth in any way as pulling tabs.

To fix it, get one of the edges up the slider first.

After this, you can proceed to the other side of the slider.

You can then pull it up while holding the masking tape. Doing it this way will make things easier on your part.

If the teeth don’t align and if they don’t close properly, you can lessen the gap using the plier. After this, you can try getting the slider up so that everything will be as it should be.

When the zipper comes off of your jeans or pants, you might need to cut off the bottom edge of one of the zipper edges and try pulling up the slider. Once the slider is up and moving with the teeth aligned properly, you can use instant glue for fixing the spot where it is cut out.

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