Peruvian Human Hair Vs Malaysian Virgin Hair, Which Is Better

Peruvian Human Hair Vs Malaysian Virgin Hair, Which Is Better

It’s not good if you ever postpone your wig/hair extension buying decision because of being confused between Peruvian human hair and Malaysian virgin hair. Stay on this page, you will be confident next time when you shop.

1. About Peruvian Human Hair

Let’s read about some about Peruvian human hair.

Peruvian hair is very famous and amazingly suitable for relaxed afro hair. It is said that Peruvian hair came from Peru which is west of South America.

1.1 What Is Peruvian Human Hair?

Here are some features and characteristics of Peruvian hair so that you can get to know whether it is perfectly suitable for you.

Peruvian hair has a coarse texture. Some people think that having coarse hair means maybe it is rough or not easily manageable. But coarse just means the hair has big circumference than usual or fine.

The quality of being beautifully coarse helps Peruvian human hair to mix up with afro hair.

Another great feature of Peruvian hair is, it’s lightweight even being coarse and thicker. Heavy and thick does not mean Peruvian hair is hard to touch or looks unnatural. These all are just assumptions.

Peruvian human hair is soft, silky, and has luster. Also, this hair type lasts longer than other hair types.


1.2 Advantage & Benefits of Peruvian Human Hair

Peruvian human hair is not processed. It has a natural medium shine. No one can hardly figure out that you are wearing a wig.

Here is a big plus, wearing Peruvian human hair in rainy and windy weather does not make the hair frizzy and fluffy. You do not need to straighten or apply products to make them return in their original form.

Whatever hairstyle you make Peruvian human hair holds it perfectly, whether curls or waves. If you do not have time to make a hairstyle, the hair is your go-to hairstyle in its original form. It means you can easily manage Peruvian human hair.

It is durable and has a long-life span than other hair types. As Peruvian hair is easy to manage it is easy to maintain. You do not need to take much care of it to retain its shape. Following a care routine also avoid tangles and other problems.


2. About Malaysian Virgin Hair

Malaysian hair is obtained from the people of southeast Asia. It has a very shiny luster and best at retaining curls accurately. Its qualities make it the most picked hair by celebrities.

2.1 What Is Malaysian Virgin Hair?

Malaysian virgin hair is available in a dark color, like off brown and deep brown. That colors give you a realistic appearance.

Malaysian hair has a touch of a slight wave. It contains a great volume, but strands are thinner. Also, the texture is smooth and shiny.

As Malaysian virgin hair has a thick density, it means you do not need to wash it too frequently after few days.

You can make various hairstyles beautifully. Also, if you are the women who love to switch up their look by curling or straightening their hair then Malaysian hair is the best choice.

Moreover, Malaysian hair works as the best alternative to Chinese hair and Indian hair.

Also, this hair is not very straight which makes it perfect for making voluminous hairstyles.

Malaysian hair is extremely shiny but after few washes, it will go back to its original form. That was also excellent to wear and look natural.

Malaysian hair is denser and thick, which is why needs sufficient moisture to avoid getting dry and retain the original look.


2.2 Advantage & Benefits of Malaysian Virgin Hair

When you curl the Malaysian hair forget about losing your hair or dropping them. They will stay fresh and in position.

Who does not want to reuse their product? You can apply the style again and again and still stay shiny, soft, and smooth because of its durability.

Usually, every woman wants to have bouncy hair that has a good body. So, you are in the right place to have hair, Malaysian hair can make your desire come true.

As you read above the Malaysian virgin hair comes in dark brown to off black, you can easily pick the color that suits your hair best. Not only that using these colors can enhance your hair color. You can do this by adding a dark or light shade of Malaysian hair to your natural hair.

Malaysian virgin hair is best to hide the damage that has been done to your hair. For this, you need to apply hair properly. Moreover, if your hair is flat or dry, you do not need to apply chemicals or harsh products to change their look, it can damage your hair. Malaysian virgin hair can help you in this situation without harming your natural hair.


3. Peruvian Human Hair & Malaysian Virgin Hair, Which Is Better

Whether it is Peruvian human hair or Malaysian virgin hair, both have amazing aspects that make them perfect to use according to your choice. Let’s summarize some points to have a quick look at which hair is most suitable among them.

Some women love to have thick and coarse hair that is lightweight and has natural shine their ultimate choice should be Peruvian human hair.

On the other hand, some black women love to have wavy, soft, and extra shiny hair, Malaysian virgin hair can truly suit them.

However, both Malaysian and Peruvian hair has high demand because of their characteristics. Both options are available to you.


4. Where Can Purchase the Best Peruvian & Malaysian Hair Bundles

Now, you have read above all the characteristics and features that Peruvian human hair and Malaysian virgin hair have and you can easily decide which hair to select among these.

Presently, the question is where can you purchase the best Peruvian and Malaysian hair? For this, you need a trusted online fashion wig store. Let us end up the strive, Ula Hair benefiting its customers with the best Peruvian and Malaysian hair bundles. Get yours and beautify yourself.

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