Should Face Masks Be Fashion Accessories?


Covid-19, like other diseases, is here to stay. As such, we should adapt to new lifestyles that protect us from disease. We can do this by socially distancing and wearing masks in situations where social distance isn’t practicable.

Well, this creates a new subset for many Americans; the trendy mask. We’ve already seen micro-trends relating to the use of masks. Such include the use of American flag face mask by the public.

 Who Should Wear a Mask?

We already know that wearing masks slows the spread of novel coronavirus disease. According to the CDC, all healthy kids and adults should wear their masks. Children below the age of two years, or people with difficulty in breathing, incapacitated or unconscious may remove their masks.

The WHO stresses that the general public shouldn’t buy N95 respirators or medical-grade surgical masks. Doing so would only deplete the supply of personal protective equipment these healthcare workers need to protect themselves from this disease.  Instead, the general public is advised to use cloth or fabric masks.

Here are the reasons why you should wear a mask.

Reduce Viral Transmission

The cloth coverings and surgical masks can prevent the transmission rate by 70%. However, this is only possible if the masks are worn correctly. A properly worn mask should cover your nose and mouth.

But that’s not all! Wearing a mask properly includes washing your hands with soap and water before wearing the mask. It should stay on your face until you leave the public setting.

Prevents The Asymptomatic Spread of the Disease

Do you know that asymptomatic patients account for 50 percent of the total transmissions? Yes, you can spread the disease even before developing symptoms for the same. Therefore, wearing the mask is the only way to reduce the risk of spreading this disease.

Face masks: Fashionable addition or vital accessory?

It’s important to note that masks do not take the place of other containment measures. Therefore, wash your hands regularly and socially distance where possible.

Protects You Against The Disease

Do you know that facial cloth masks offer some protection to the wearer? The biggest benefits are realized when everyone covers their mouth. But how?

Wearing a face cloth mask slows down the transmission rate of covid-19 disease. Therefore, if all people wear their masks, there’s less virus circulating in the community. The result, lower risk of infection for all.

Help in Economic Recovery

Wearing masks will help in economic recovery. Maybe you’re wondering how? Well, wearing masks reduces the risk of transmission into the public. With this, the government can ease its lockdown measures.

Any lockdown brings the economy to its knees. As people lose their jobs, cases of depression increase causing family wrangles. All this can be averted by the use of a mask.


Mask is a necessity in the fight against coronavirus. It slows down the transmission rate for the covid-19 virus. The CDC intimates that the transmission rate could reduce if 95 percent of the general population wears their masks. Even better, you can use the mask as a fashion accessory and protect yourself with a sense of style.

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