Turkish Citizenship

It is possible to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. In this context, individuals who are not Turkish citizens should invest in Turkey. There are companies that provide investment consultancy for this. Melares is a company serving in this field. The company does not only provide consultancy services. At the same time, takes an active role in the sales and marketing processes of the projects. It supports and informs its clients at every stage of their application for Turkish citizenship. It provides a reliable service to its clients by approaching with a solution-oriented approach to every problem that may occur during the process. It provides consultancy services to its customers in line with their needs by following the legislation closely and evaluating it in its most up-to-date form.

The company offers alternatives according to the budget of the people applying for investment. Thus, it is expected that the application process will be started quickly, and the procedures will be concluded in a brief time. The positive result of the application enables individuals to both acquire Turkish citizenship and own property. Satisfaction is at the highest level by considering and fulfilling all the necessary details on behalf of the customer.

Pros and Cons of Having Turkish Citizenship - Property

Expert Hands in Counseling

Obtaining Turkish citizenship can be a difficult and tiring process. Throughout this process, Melares has never let its customers down and serves as one of the most dependable companies in the industry. The company provides service in many cities of the country, including Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Izmit and Muğla Fethiye. It works to provide the best service to its consultants with an experienced and expert staff in each office. The service quality is at an important level, as the expertise acquired by the personnel in the field is qualified to meet the client’s expectations.

The company, which offers investment consultancy all over Turkey from https://www.melares.com/en/turkish-citizenship-by-investment, ensures the satisfaction of its customers in line with ethical values. The staff is closely interested in all matters related to the real estate to be invested. Employees of the company, who have a high sense of responsibility, offer individuals who want to obtain citizenship with a meticulous working method to have a problem-free process.

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